Chef Kerry, now the past owner/founder of the famous Cafe Miranda in Rockland Maine for 30+ years now turns his attention to other projects.

Consulting, Hospitality. 

Chef’s Niche is in under 100+ seat owner operated or multiple location food service operations. He can consult / review on:

  • Evaluating existing operations for efficiency in all aspects. F&B, FOH, BOH. 
  • Hiring documents reviews
  • Employee manuals & HR reviews
  • Evaluating production parameters for efficiency
  • Evaluating current F&B menus and offerings for cost, production efficiency, taste & appearance.
  • Equipment use in terms of  reducing labor & increasing throughput. 
  • Purchasing to reduce costs & labor
  • Coaching & interpretation  of  P&L, balance sheet & financial information.

Chef typically will meet the principals to assess their needs followed by an all or multi day observation of the location.. With this info, Chef will create a report on operations.. Principals will assess this report. If willing to move fwd, Chef will create an action plan with recommendations. The principals will decide, if appropriate, to implement  all or some of these steps. This can be a brief or an ongoing relationship as needed. Assess, make a plan, implement the plan(s), assess the ongoing results. 

Private Chef & Classes

Chef is available for small private food events and  classes  at your location. Also available is the Cafe Miranda Mobile wood fired oven for a unique experience. These are limited to 8+- folks. 


Chef is well known in Maine for his 30+ years of Cafe Miranda and through that time he has been featured in  many TV, web & other media presentations.  What are your needs? 

  • Public speaking on your or other  various topics.. 
  • Product videos for advertising & social media

Non Profits

Chef has a long and respected career in assisting NP’s in many forms. Helping to develop fundraisers, foodservice operations and Master of Ceremonies for events to name a few. How may we help?   


All are plus expenses & travel

Initial meeting, evaluation & chat is $1200 

Regular fees are $200/hr

NPs get a 30% discount.

Cafe Miranda

With one-of-a-kind recipes throughout, this book is a surefire way to have your dinner guests talking about your food and coming back for more. So if you’re looking to make yourself stand out in the kitchen, don’t hold back with the amazing recipes in this book.

Open for Indoor & Outdoor Dining & Takeout
11:30am-8pm Thurs, 11:30-8:30 Fri & Sat

Live Music Saturdays
(Weather Permitting)

Call us during our open hours to make a dinner reservation or order Take-Out! (207) 594-2034 During our peak service hours (especially weekends from 5-7pm) it can become hard to reach us & occasionally we hit our limit & have to stop taking phone & online orders. We appreciate your patience & apologize for any inconvenience!

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© 2022, Cafe Miranda • Privacy Policy
This means copyrighted. The large print giveth. The small print taketh away. Website By Adventure Advertising

© 2022, Cafe Miranda • Privacy Policy
This means copyrighted. The large print giveth. The small print taketh away. Website By Adventure Advertising